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    Rendering Interlaced Targa Sequence - Frames Missing

      I have an AE CS3 project.

      I'm using a transition in my project - Dissolve - ripple.

      I've previewed my comp and everything looks just how I want it.

      I setup the render queue to export my comp as a Targa Sequence (24-Bit) Interlaced. The render runs fine. However when I previewed my targa sequence in both bridge and in Premiere Pro CS3 - the frames containing the Dissolve - ripple are totally black. All I see is the text layer that was above the layers that had the Dissolve - ripple transition.

      As a test, I exported to a DV-AVI Interlaced - previewed it in PPro CS3 and I'm having the same problem with the AVI file.

      Does anyone know why that won't render to a Targa Sequence or AVI (for Interlaced Vide)?