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    Insert/delete time?

      Is there any EASY way to insert or delete time in the middle of your composition?

      In Flash you can go to where you want to put in time, select all the layers you want to be affected, and hit f5 for every frame you want to insert(shift f5 to delete), and it pushes all keyframes after that point over. I love it.

      The client wants me to make a simple change to my After Effects animation, just a couple extra things happen in the middle, but since the animation is happening in all sorts of layers and channels I find it rather difficult to insert that time without messing things up, and then having to spend a bunch of time realigning all of my animation that was just fine.

      I know there are ways around this with precomping and time re-mapping, but since my new animation uses many of the same elements, I would love to be able to insert the time right in my comp.
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          A. Cobb Level 3
          Unfortunately, AE doesn't offer a simple way to do this. Would make a great feature request, though.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            You cannot insert "time". Whenever you insert "time" in Flash, you insert discrete frames and events, which is a totally different concept from AE ("time" has even a totally different use and meaning in ActionScript...). Still, I don't see how what you want should not be possible in AE. Why not simply split the layers and slide them to the end of your extended comp? AE will retain keyframes even in the trimmed areas, so the timing will not go out of whack. You can easily "freeze" the animation at the edits using additional keyframes that hold the curent value. Does that not give you what you need?

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              A. Cobb Level 3
              Splitting layers is a really ugly and in some cases laborious solution for something that could be very simple. If we could select and drag in points and out points along with keyframes, this would be no problem.
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                Level 1
                I agree with Senor Cobb, splitting is not practical when you have 50+ layers, and while freezing and moving keyframes does work for what I need, it is awkward when animation that happens on layer two is synchronized with animation on layers 50, 32, and 20, which is often necessary.

                The best way I've found so far, is to maximise the timeline window, "ctrl a" to select all, hit my best buddy the "u" button to open all animated channels, then select and move all the keys, then move any in/out points that dont line up any more.

                Significantly more of a pain in the *** then putting my time marker where I want to insert time, and hitting "f5" 30 times.
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                  David Wigforss-Hv1BNN Level 2
                  Biggest problem I have with splitting layers is when they are parented. I REALLY wish it would automateically reparent to the new split layer.
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                    A. Cobb Level 3
                    Yeah, same with duplicating layers and their parents.