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    Premiere -> AfterEffects = Bad video

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      When I export my standard 29.97 lower field first interlaced DV footage out of premiere using microsoft DV codec with all matching settings, it looks exactly as it should, but when i import it into after effects there are obvious interlacing artifacts like invisible horizontal bars roughening the image, though not the jagged bars that is common with interlaced footage. Ive tried this with uncompressed footage as well and its just the same. In after effects, when i export it under the same settings its no different. Ive tried changing the project and import settings to ensure everything is set to 29.97 and even tried upper fields and pulldowns, but that only made it worse. Id post images, but apparently neither printscreen nor my video player is able to take screenshots of DV footage. I would hate to have gotten this far just to find out that my programs are destroying my efforts.

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