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    Does AE have 'dirty' effects

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      Does AE have effects that can make footage look like it's dirty, old? As if the footage was shot decades ago and had degraded over time? Also, are there effects that could make the footage look dirty, as if the footage was shot in a dirty (eg: desert) environment?

      Visual example of what I'm trying to capture:

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8
          After Effects has a lot of effects that you can use together to create dirty and "distressed" looks. A good starting point is to use some of the Noise & Grain effects and blend the noise layers with your original footage.

          I looked at the sample that you linked to, and it seems that much of their "desert" look comes from color correction with something like the Tritone effect.

          A lot of the "old" look (the flickering) seems to come from animating (wiggling) the Exposure effect.

          There's also a fluctuating vignette that is probably just an elliptical mask with animated Scale and a high Mask Feather amount.

          There are also a lot of free and commercial plug-ins and animation presets for doing this sort of thing.
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            Thanks Todd for the reply! Sorry I didn't respond sooner... I hadn't realized you replied. I'm set up to get email notice of replies, but I didn't receive one for your reply. *puzzled*

            Thanks again!