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    | URGENT | Need help making text more legible

      Hi everyone I got a client breathing down my neck so I will get right to the point. I have a video that Im building and its for a kiosk there is a lot of text in the video and I need to find ways to make the text more legible I have read up and it looks like Im trying to De-interlace the comps text parts (or maybe the whole thing as a pre-comp) so it appears more clear. Also when Im rendering Im looking for a method that will give the best text legibility. Im more used to working with flash and web motion graphics so plz assume youre talking to a AE novice, thx soooooo much for your help in advance.

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          Mmh, depends on the colors and typeface - as usual - but that's not what you wanna hear, I know. The actual qulaity is of course dependent on the resolution (HD or plain NTSC?) as well as the compression. Some proven "dirty tricks" are all kinds of glows/drop shadows. They don't need to be excessive, but help to add contrast by making the area around the text darker or brighter. If you are outputting to interlaced devices, you will often need to ad a tiny bit of vertical blur to distribute pixels more evenly across the fields. Definitely make sure to check for broadcast-safe colors as anything out of range will look rather rubbish and lead to edge aliasing or erosion. In particular bright, clear colors are prone to "blowing out". Beyond that, just don't be afraid. There's always a solution, whether it's slightly shifting the color, experimenting with blendmodes or applying some effect to break up monolithic structures...