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    CAN AE helps out Premiere ???


      I'm using Premiere CS3. I'm editing on AspectHD, and I'd like to have my co-editor working on his machine with DV version of the footage.

      To have him have exactly what I've got so far, I went this way:
      - saved a copy of my project file
      - offlined all video clips it copy and kept audio files online (to avoid
      having to reconnect them, by having my co-editor have them in the same
      drive path and directory as I do so they reconnect automatically)
      - I imported CFHD project in a brand new DV project (so that my co-editor
      can work in it and have proper specs)

      So now I have an offline DV version of my project file with audio online, but when I try to reconnect medias with the DV clips, I need to reconnect them one by one; even more, I need to select them 2 times each before Premiere recognizes and accepts them as the proper media.

      When I just Make Offline and Reconnect Medias in my project file and keep the HD media, I just need to select and tie one file in each folder that hold clips and Premiere does the rest, but now it won't do it for this particular project.

      I talked with ADOBE tech support and the guy told me it was how Premiere works, but couldn't help me out as to if AE could help me help PREMIERE reconnect all my file in batch instead of spending 1-2 days doing so.

      Anyone knows if by importing my project file in AE I could batch reconnect medias ?

      Thank you.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Nope. Just like Premiere, AE will interpret your offline files as the proper sources and require you to reconnect each of them manually. Even using proxies would have no benefits here as it does not update the timelien structure. I'm wondering, though, since you both use Premiere, can't you just export an EDL or AAF and then re-import? I rarely use Premiere, but seems exactly what you would want to do. Would be simple on Avid systems...

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            fredou_79 Level 1
            Anyway to batch reconnect files ?

            My experience with AAF so far is that they suck real bad (soundwise), so I wouldn't want to extend the problem to video too...

            The project switch from 2 different file format and this is what seem to make Premiere reticent of linking media back.

            That's like the prime stuff of offline/online editing. Makes me wish I had AVID or FCP !!
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Not really. Perhaps there is some JSX script floating around somewhere that can do it, but if so, I'm not aware of it. Maybe ask around at AEnhancers or check sites like nabscripts.com (he's from Canada and also speaks French)...

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                Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
                If the two versions of the files have the same names, you could just close PPro/AE and rename the folders so that when the project is launched it would see the new files placed in the old location. You would then need to re-interpret the files.

                - Jonas Hummelstrand
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                  fredou_79 Level 1
                  I had to offline them when importing the CFHD project into a new made DV project; managed to do it with audio files, but video files were too heavy and made import crash.

                  That would have been a good option.