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    Quad core processor utilization in Adobe After Effects 7.1

      The computer has a quad core processor but when using After Effects only one of the cores is being used as viewed in Task Manager > Performance.

      When I check Choose Edit > Preferences the Multiprocessing option wasn't available.
      I checked and the plugin for multiprocessing (MThread.aex) was in the plugin folder.

      Does After Effects 7.1 recognize a quad core as more than one processor?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Nope. Multiprocessing is only available in CS3. The plugin you are seeing is the multithreading extension, which in geekish computer talk is a different thing from multiprocessing. ;-) In simple terms, multithreading will fire multiple sub-processes of a program, whereas multiprocessing will fire a complete instance of the whole program. Now per se neither procedure is inferior or superior, but unfortunately AE's multithreading has always been limited to 2 threads. Therefore, at most 2 cores will be used in AE 7 and if that wasn't bad enough, only very few effects and plugins actually do. So I'm afraid unless you upgrade to CS3 or use NucleoPro, you are stucck with the insufficient usage. If you're feeling adventurous, you could try using some tricks and scripts (find them via AEnhancers.com) that mimic CS3 behavior in AE7 by launching the AE render engine as a background process, but it may not work as expected and the benefits may be minor and are strictly limited to rendering, not doing RAM previews or working in teh program itself.