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    Can I append one AEP compositon to another?

      How? Or where can I read about it?

      Thanks, -bill
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          David Wigforss-Hv1BNN Level 2
          From same project? Extend the length of the comp, then drag the other comp from the project window onto the timeline and move to the end (if you have a layer that goes to end of first comp, you can select that, hit o, ctrl-right arrow, select other comp, [ . That goes to outpoint of layer (o), moves 1 frame to right (ctrl-rt arrow), and moves the inpoint of the other comp to the current time ([).

          If it's in another project, simply import the project, and follow above steps. Before you import, you may wish to reduce down the project and save as new name.
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            billdaul Level 1

            I still need help. I tried to follow your instructions...

            I have Project A and Project B...

            I click on ProjectA.aep...great...I increase the COMPOSITION time by 20 seconds.

            I drag ProjectB.aep into the Project resources window...I see a folder named ProjectB.aep
            inside that folder is:
            foo Composition
            another folder called foo Layers

            WHAT exactly do I drag the PROJECT B FOLDER to the end of the action in PROJECT A (into the added composition time). But none of the items/ojects have the attributes/actions/behaviours they were endowed with when they were in their OWN PROJECT B.aep project.

            What am I doing wrong now...I am so close to what I need! THANKS!

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of How AE works. Properties, effects and keyframes are stored in the composition, not on the original source items. Hence it is logical to drag the composition from project B to your timeline, where it will act like a self-contained layer that can be accessed at any time to be modified. That's a fundamental principle in AE and called nesting or pre-composing.