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    Black Vector Paint + white Solid = gray Vector Paint? (help)

      So I set up a new solid with a vector paint effect, and drew a quick drawing in black. But when I add this layer to a solid white, it changes the black lines to gray. There is no option to modify the blending mode to, say, "overlay", which would fix my problem. Adding the presumably transparent Vector Paint layer to the white Solid layer also drowns out the detail I originally had on the white Solid layer.

      The only "fix" I've been able to come up with is to add a dozen copies of the Vector Paint layer, which gradually darkens it to something more black. It also gradually makes the white Solid layer's detail even more obscure until it's finally pure white.

      This just isn't going to do. The only reason I even bothered is because I wanted access to the "Wiggler" effect, which is apparently ONLY available as part of Vector Paint. You can't even find it ANYWHERE in Flash CS3! And I need it, badly.

      Anyway, if anyone knows how to fix this, please step forward. ;p