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    HDV Render Pixilization

      Anybody doing much with HDV footage in AE? I"m trying to do some simple chroma work without too much processing, etc. but I"m having trouble ending up with footage that looks good.

      In particular, one of my actors has a black jacket on and there seem to be all kinds of compression artifacts in her jacket after I render the footage. It looks fine when I bring it in, it looks fine in Premiere. Then I'm using KeyLight to mask out the green and composite it onto the background video. I'm outputting to QT Animation files so there's no recompression going on as far as I can tell.

      Is this something where I need to treat the footage differently, import it differently, etc. et.?

      Footage is Panasonic 720p, converted via Raylight to import into AE.


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          Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
          What is Raylight? Lossless compression codec?

          To be able to pull good keys, you need great footage. HDV is a really bad start as it is heavily compressed (HDV is 25 Mbps which is the same data rate as DV.) It can be done, but don't expect miracles. There's an animation preset that ships with AE the lessens the DV artifacting, or you can get the DV Matte plugin from
          i http://dvgarage.com/
          which will both help.

          Here's a post I made mostly about how to shoot greenscreen, but it also explains why you want as little compression as you can afford:
          i http://generalspecialist.com/2006/10/greenscreen-and-bluescreen-checklist.asp

          Also, make sure you render out of AE in a lossless format so that you don't render out to HDV and then recompress it to HDV a third time in Premiere Pro. Always work in a lossless format and only do final render to something compressed.

          - Jonas Hummelstrand
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            >In particular, one of my actors has a black jacket on and there seem to
            >be all kinds of compression artifacts in her jacket after I render the

            As Jonas already said, DV/ HDV is less than not ideal for keying and postprocessing. Even more so, as high contrast stuff such as yours (in terms of the underlying luma range in YUV space) is particularly prone to block atifacting. I'm afraid you will simply have to live with it and make the best of it.

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              Thanks for the response! I wish I had read your blog post prior to shooting this. I have reached the conclusion that if you can get it in the field, get it. Unless the backdrop is the moon, better to shoot live video!

              The irony is that the footage looks just fine when captured. IT's only when AE is tryign to rerender it that the artifacts appear which is what led me to believe there was some sort of setting that might be at work. Some setting in Keylight, etc. that I'm using and shouldn't or am not and should, etc.

              Note: I AM rendering out to QT animation files with no compression and the artifacts are showing up in AE before the render in any case.