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    AE CS3 audio sync problem

      Using HDV 1080i PAL 25fps MPEG footage captured via Premiere Pro CS3 - looks and plays fine in Premiere. But when importing the same MPEG file into After Effects CS3 the audio no longer synchronises with the video. Its about 1 second behind the video. There are no effects applied to the footage in either premiere pro or After Effects. And no other layers in the AE comp. Just the raw footage. AE composition settings are 1440 x 1080 with pixel aspect preset to HDV 1080/DVCPro 720 (1.33) at 25fps.

      This is a real problem because I need to sync video tracks based on audio waveforms.

      Any ideas?

      The system is quad processor Win XP box and all Windows and Adobe CS3 updates are up to date.
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          Can you verify the issue during RAM previews or does it just occur during spacebar playback? If it is persisting, I would try to clean out the conformed media cache. Will taike a while for AE to conform the media again, but may realign the audio. Failing that, check your sound card config. Ideally AE's internal audio settings should match the system setting to guarantee a minimum of lag...

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            i just had the same problem which i shot with sony z1 hdv and solved it like this;

            in cubase import as 'audio from video file' from ur original .avi file. then export it as .wave or anything that ll get accept by ur editting software. and again import ur. wave file to editting program. put it into timeline. it takes 10 min or so to do it for a hour tape.

            good luck.