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    Abobe Self Paced Training

      Will your "Adobe Audio and Video Online Training Library", "After Effects® 7.0: Working with Layers" give staff the skills they need
      to edit the CCTV footage to blur/mask out a feature in the footage?

      I need to get some training for our CCTV section to enable them to use After Effects on CCTV footage to blur images.

      I want to know if any of the standard Adobe self paced learning products will be suitable - I have sent a letter direct to Adobe, they have pointed me to this forum.

      Please let me know your views.
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          Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
          If you're just looking for standard "face blurring", there really isn't anything difficult to learn if you use COP BLUR. Just move the effect so that it follows the area of screen you want to blur out.

          Of course, there are several other ways to do it, but the COP BLUR plugin is easy if you're just looking to blur images.

          COP BLUR is in the delirium package