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    sony xdcam ex

      Is it possible to use the files in ae
      Or must we wait for a update
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, simply browse the forum threads for the last 2 weeks and you'll find some answers. It seems to be possible, but often with problems, obviously.

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            Level 1
            You can load XDCam footage, but when it renders out, you get a black frame every 15 frames. So the answer is it's basically useless until Adobe releases an update.

            It would be nice to see the same sort of super-duper update that Premiere CS3 got earlier this month--both XDCam compliance AND a big boost in performance. AE could use both in spades.
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Rest assured, these features will be tackled. It's just difficult to keep track of all the new formats popping up every 6 months or so. ;-)

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                Navarro Parker Level 3
                The workflow I'm currently using is use XDCAM Transfer to put a Quicktime wrapper on the clips (which make it editable by any Quicktime aware app). You can import that into After Effects directly. But I've been converting to ProRes 422 for ease of handling. And of course using ProRes, Animation or Uncompressed when rendering out of AE.

                I've never experienced the black frame problem Mark describes. (Are you using AE to compress back to XDCAM EX? I wouldn't recommend that)