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    Adobe Dynamic Link Interlaced Question

    CharlesCambel Level 1
      I have several Dynamic Link files from After Effects in my Premiere Pro project - the final version of my project will be viewed on TV - so I want it to be interlaced. Are Dynamic Link files interlaced or should I export the files from After Effects into an interlaced format before exporting my project from Premiere Pro?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Simple rule: anything that is created dynamically within AE (text layers, shape layers etc.) does not care - AE (and thus Dynamic Link) will correctly sample their properties at the given time, so fields are always correct based on your settings. For the rest - if your AE project uses footage, it needs to be interpreted correctly and the compas have the correct sizes. If so, you should have no problems using the stuff in Premiere and retaining the field order.