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    field rendering

      What field order (upper field or lower field) I have to use when rendering a footage in After Effects that will be used in Adobe Premiere Pro v. 1.5?
      And what is the best codec inside AFX for rendering this footage to Premiere?
      And in Adobe Premiere what is the setting (regarding to fields) I have to use?
      Any help will be appreciated.
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          A. Cobb Level 3
          Field order depends on the specs of your playback device, not the application you will be using.

          And just because a device plays back fields doesn't necessarily mean you have to render fields. That's as much a design decision as it is a technical one. (Though the reverse is not true -- if the device DOESN'T support fields, you don't want to render fields.)
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Field order in Premiere is solely dependent on your project settings. For DV/HDV scenarios it will be lower field first, for broadcast PAL it would be upper field first, for others the setting to choose will depend on the target device/ platform. The CoDec to render to is very much a matter of taste, but you will want to retain maximum quality as long as possible and therefore choose uncompressed, Quicktime Animation, Quicktime PNG and similar. If you are tight on disc space, you may also choose Photo JPEG. You can of course also use image sequences with Targas or JPEGs. just don't render directly to DV or other lossy formats from AE. If the footage needs to be conformed and rendered, Premiere will do a much better job of integrating your AE elements into existing edits.