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    How to fix PIXEL ASPECT RATIO?

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      hey im getting this problem, i shot some video on miniDV on a green screen. i keyed out the footage did a precomp with all the videos in it to start trying to line it up with the background and do some camera moves. now that they're all 3d i get these weird lines across the footage i filmed, like if it was an interlacing issue or something....if anyone knows how i can fix this please help me out.
      i've put the footage in a comp using the NTSC DV preset and the NTSC D1 SQUARE PIXEL and i still get the same problem....i need to finish this video ASAP so please if anyone can help i'd really appreciate it.
      here's a video:
      here's a still frame:
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          Why don't you just interpret the footage as having no fields? You can even import your footage a second time and interpret it differently, then replace it on the timeline. The 3D filtering will do a good enough job to disguise the interlacing. Indeed fields have a tendency to break upo with 3D layers due to the way they are rendered. Ideally you should de-interlace the footage first using Revision FX' FieldsKit, Magic Bullet Frames or similar tools.