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    My 20 second clip becomes 40 seconds after rendering  ! ! ! !

    Level 1
      When I watch the 40 second disaster in Windows Media Player, even the player shows reads '20 seconds' even though the clip carries on for 40.
      Like it's in slow motion.

      Comp 1 is set at 1440x1080 (1.33), 0:00:20:00,29.97fps

      I added a .gif into just text fading in and out.

      The timeline shows it maxed at: 19:23 (29.7fps)

      My first attempt I used the "make movie", the second attempt I selected comp1 and used the "Add to Render Queue". Same results.
      My final attempt was to drag and select all the sources in the timeline, select File>Export>AVI and it works all right.

      Any ideas?