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    PowerPC G5 crashing with After Effects CS3

      I have been having "catastrophic" crashes, that is a crash in Mac OSX where the screen goes dark and I have to hold the power key to reset the system when using After Effects CS3 on my PowerPC G5. Also if I am listening to music in iTunes it just goes into a looping drone, (not a nice sound I can tell you).

      I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems. I have been simply editing text in an AE comp and bang the system hangs. This only seems to happen when I am using After Effects. I have Gridiron Nucleo installed but I don't have it switched on, since it hasn't been playing too well. I also have a Blackmagic card and an internal raid system.

      I am running the latest version of Tiger on the G5 and have all software up to date. I might have to upgrade to Leopard as I just don't trust it anymore. This has happened enough times for me to now be totally on edge when I am using the system with After Effects CS3. I have a Mac Pro and this just works beautifully when running AE CS3

      Any thoughts would be welcome

      all the best