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    Lines while Opening AE CS3 or SB applications

      Hello, my name is Robert, and I am new to this forum and I could sure use some help.

      Here is my computer's config:

      MSI 7366 MoBO
      Intel Q6600 Processor
      XP Pro 32bit
      Nvidia 8400 GS
      4g or RAM
      Realtek HD audio Card

      All of the products listed above have all of the latest drivers installed. Nvidia has insured me that the video card with the latest drivers will work with this software package. I've read that there could be a problem with Anti-virus/spyware protection programs as well. For the sake of the topic, I have disabled those programs as well. Still, I cannot figure out what the problem is. I have also read and have completed all of the procedures that are listed on the Adobe site, and I still don't have a resolution for this problem.

      I can provide screen captures if necessary.

      Please HELP!!!