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    Error (21::22)

      After Effects error: preference [Options Normal] 'Frame Rate' is 312 bytes, max allowed is 255 bytes. (21::22)

      Hi, I am getting this message every time i attempt to open after effects, i've had the program for 14 days and it'd worked perfectly each day until today. Within the last two days i tried kinetic typography, it worked fine. Nothing was going wrong, however today i was using AE as normal, and all of a sudden i started getting pop-up errors like (unable to shade region) and things like that, but many others. I exited the program and opened it again, to no avail. I also then rebooted the computer, nothing is helping at all, PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE!!!!!!

      by the way, once i click out of the first error's pop-up, this one appears:

      After Effects can't continue: sorry, After Effects has crashed. (0::42)