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    Render to m2v from AE

      I seem to have lost my ability to render my comp to m2v format for DVD straight from AE CS3. I recently did a hard drive wipe and reload, and may have failed to install all of the plugins I used to have. I have Mainconcept MPEG Pro HD3.1 and it is installed and working fine with PPro CS3. I also have Nucleo Pro installed and all seems well there.

      If anyone could please sugest what plug-in allows AE CS3 to render the comp to the MPEG-2 DVD format directly, I would appreciate it. Prior to my hard drive reload, I was able to do it and avoid an extra generation of rendering.

      Using WinXP Pro.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Should not require any additional steps, but it seems the plugin for Premiere has disabled or "stolen" the references for MPEG-II output 'cos it treats the AE component as an older version of itself... Getting rid of the plugin and re-installing everything in a different order might fix the issue.