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    graphics card for AE

      I recently purchased a mobile workstation with quad-core processor and built-in raid array mainly for 2D after effects work. (EUROCOM D90xC PHANTOM-X) http://www.eurocom.com

      The machine works really well and render times are great but it seems to be very slow and unresponsive when using Vector Paint.

      The graphics card I currently have in this machine is a geforce go 8800M GTX

      Presumably this lagging response is a graphics card issue. Can anyone suggest what card I should be using to alleviate this problem. Or is there some setting I can change ?

      The other cards currently on offer for this machine are:

      Quadro fx 1600
      SLI versions of the 8800M GTX, 8700GT, 7950GTX

      My old desktop machine uses a geforce 7950 GT and this is really smooth and responsive when using Vector Paint.

      Is it that I need an open GL card?
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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          If you search this forum on the term "8800" you'll find several threads recognizing problems with 8800-series display cards. All the cards you've mentioned have more-than-adequate OpenGL specs for AE use. If AE is your primary use of OpenGL technology, I'd probably buy the cheapest of the alternatives. If you use other software that requires OpenGL, I'd research which is best for it also.