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    craulmedia Level 1
      Hi People,

      is there a way to get rid of the gray borders marked with frame number and timecode when exporting filmstrip (*flm) from AE?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I don't think so. Since it is a legacy format that really at one point was meant to provide frame-by-frame painting abilities when most compositing programs didn't have them, it would be logical that a TC is required to retain temporal correlation. You could always create a Photoshop action for it, though...

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            craulmedia Level 1
            Ok, thanks.
            But then how can i create a filmstrip in AE (or PS) without stacking hundreds of single frames one after another by hand?
            I just want to create an effect kinda filmreel fps slowing down jitter and showing single frames in the canvas then speed up again.

            with the filmstrip i would only have to export the filmstrip from PS as PNG or equivalent graphic and set two keyframes for vertical position start/end and variable speed change. But the border should be - just black or whatever color but without timetamps innit.

            any ideas?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              I don't quite follow. You'd simply place multiple instances of your source footage side by side, each with an offset in point, then animate the speed using time-remapping (or animate first, then align, whichever you prefer), then place the frame on top. The actual "filmstrip" is just an illusion. The frame itself can be infinitely repeated using e.g. the Motion Tile effect. Pre-compose as needed.

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                craulmedia Level 1
                Hi Mylenium,

                look similar here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVkFncSo0Tw BUT just the first two seconds of clip when the strip is shooting upwards.
                maybe you´ll understand now why i´ll rather use a filmstrip to animate it with two keyframes than alligning each image by hand to achive this.
                no i just want to get rid of the borders with frame numbersm e.g. possibility deactivating it when exporting.
                maybe wishlist for next update.

                thanx anyway.
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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                  Well, then still don't let it stop you from using more conventional means of working with your imagery. Forgive me for saying so, but attempting to work with a 30000 pixels wide and 200 pixel high "filmstrip" is not going to be very comfortable and to me feels a bit hairbrained. I also don't thing this particular preset is using such an approach. It looks more like a combination of a strip moving at normal speedad then blended in with an artificially blurered duplicate (directional blur). If you are really concerned about mimicing the motion in a halfway physically exact manner, the think over how a real filmstrip would behave:

                  - let's assume you see 5 "frames"
                  - if frame 1 represents film frame 1, then frame 5 represents frame 5
                  - at frame 201, frame 5 will still represent frame 205; the temporal correlation does not change
                  - based on the above, if you now speed up your content in a pre-comp, all you frames will speed up and still stay in sync

                  Now for the sake of argument: Since we have a pre-comp anyways, what stops you from simply offseting the content using Motion Tile? If the frame crosses the comp height in the time it takes to physically move 5 frames, would anybody notice? Can you not re-use the motion by applying an expression or setting evenly spaced keyframes with identical value icrements? Would not this fake motion sufficiently be disguised by Directional Blur or CC Force Motionblur?

                  Think it over, and you will come to the same conclusion, I'm sure: You don't really need endlessly long "filmsrtrips" to get the effect working convincingly.

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                    craulmedia Level 1
                    Hi Mylenium,

                    thank you very much for the idea with motion tile. it worked very well animating the vertical tile center point, together with motion blur looks good. added a black solid for the spacer inbetween the "frames", and finito.

                    it´s frustrating when hundred paths leading to nowhere, now i´m fine and feel well due to your help.

                    many thanx