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    Premiere to AE transitions

      Hi all

      Im having some serious problems with Premiere and AE both from CS3. I import a Premiere project into after effects CS3 to apply vfx, but Im getting some really frustrating errors.
      For some reason, the additive, dip to white and dip to black transitions from my PP project will not work. They appear as a layer on the timeline, but where the cross dissolve will function fine, these transitions will not work.
      Another user stated that he had the same problem, but fixed it by right clicking on the time line, selecting frame blending, and setting it to off. My frame blending has always been off, so Im stuck for a solution

      Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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          Is there perhaps a mismatch in the framerate settings somewhere? Different footages mixed? These issues usually occur if the ins and outs don't overlap correctly and AE can't make sense of the blending logic...

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            Ok thanks, that helps me quite a bit. The footage is all numbered sequentially so Im not mixing it up (9x1 hour blocks), but the framerates could be causing the problem. If the imported footage is HD 1440x1080 @ 25fps in Premiere, I have created a new project also set at HDV1080i 25 (50i) and imported the timeline. I then save this and import to AE, but am still getting the same problem. I know that Ive done the process backwards (premiere then AE), but out of curiosity, can you yourself get premiere transitions to work in AE? Cause I might ask adobe for new install discs if you can.