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    Shatter Issue! please help.

      so basically what i have done is motioned track a simple rectangle using the corner pin option and the rectangle stays where its supposed to be on screen which is on a frame on a wall. My issue is is that once i add the shatter effect to that rectangle layer and put the view in rendered mode, its crashes. Any ideas?
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          Not sure why you're crashing. I'd try pre-composing your corner pinned layer, then apply shatter to the pre-comp.
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            i fixed it, i just had to apply the shatter effect first and then the motion tracking. BUT now i have a new ISSUE. When i have the object explode, the peices are restrained to that layers size. How do i fix this, heres the animation in progress. as you can see the objects dont come outward, they are cut off by the layer. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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              thanks for the info but now i have a new issue rick. YOu wanna give it a shot?
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                Just pre-compose your corner pin layer, then apply shatter. You then want to tie the force 1 position to the position of the shatter source you applied corner pin to. The expression would look something like this:
                comp("Shatter source PreComp").layer("Shatter source").transform.position
                Just for fun I put together a CS3 sample comp. You'll find it here. Hope you enjoy.
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                  thanks rick for going through all that work for that demonstration. i managed to have the pieces expand out of its boundaries using the precompose but im having an issue with the shatter effect. The puzzle pieces dont stay in perspective. ive been messing with different techniques for hours. heres a video, any suggestions?

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                    You've got some camera movement that needs to be tracked.
                    First step, as I did in my demonstration, is to track the footage and apply perspective corner pin. It doesn't look like you tracked and applied.

                    Second step is to try and recreate the camera movement. AE doesn't have a 3D tracker but you can probably get close enough by simply adding a comp camera, telling shatter to use the comp camera, and then setting a few keyframes for the camera.

                    The more complex the camera move, the more difficult the shot is in post. If you're ever going to do this again limit your camera move either to a single axis pan, or a dolly or truck move, and what ever you do, don't Zoom. If you must hand hold and you must match the movement precisely you'll have to invest in a 3D tracker.
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                      the the blue frame is motioned tracked its just thatwhen the shatter is applied its a little hard to see. I didnt know that you had to manually do the camera work for the shatter, i thought it can all be controlled through motion tracking. i was kinda of looking at an example like this, thats whay. Thanks for everything!