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    Create multiple Still Proxies

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      Having a problem creating multiple still proxies. Basically what I want to do is select all the layers in a PSD imported as a cropped comp and create a half res proxy for each item. the right click "create proxy" option is disabled when I select more than one footage item. When I tried to just make my own still proxy render and output modules I couldn't set the "Timespan" (I thought if I could just set this to 1 frame it'd work). Why is it that when I right click a footage item in the project window and select "create proxy", after effects automatically "knows" I just want a still. For some reason I can't seem to recreate this in my render settings template.

      Any help greatly appreciated, at the moment I am HATING having to work in HD, against all logic it's making my hair hurt.

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            Good work soldier, I like the cut of your jib.
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              Having tried to use this script a few times now, I'm a little befuddled. It doesn't seem (or rather I can't seem to figure out how to) set still proxies automatically to a proxy of the footage item they're supposed to be "proxy-ing". If I set it to create a movie proxy it sets the footage item up as a proxy no problem (by that I mean it automatically sets the footage created to a proxy of the original footage) but I can't seem to get it to automatically link the proxy to the footage item when i want a still proxy, post render (if anyone actually understands this their grasp of english is SERIOUSLY good). I've gone through my output settings and checked and rechecked everything and I just can't see why it's not doing it. Is it an "issue" with the script or is it just me being a script-tard?
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                ok i don't speak english (i'm from Italy).
                If i have understood, i suppose you should make proxies twice. The first time you set output module to movie and the second to still.
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                  Finally sorted out what was wrong with MY setup (I must stress that there was nothing wrong with NABs script). Basically the file name and layer names were too long for After effects to display them without truncating them ie:longer than 31 characters. So after effects couldn't assign the proxies created. Other than renaming everything the quickest way to solve this issue is to just manually assign the proxies, bit of a pain in the posterior but the script does speed things up so not that much time is lost. I was gonna try parsing but i need to get help from our IT genii in here for that.