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    Mac after effects cs3 WONT RECOGNIZE .AEX FILES


      I use a mac osx and I own a copy of Adobe After Effects. I have been playing around with it in the past few months and I have recently started installing plug-ins. The problem is, some of these plug-ins are .aex files, and when I put them in my plug-in directory After Effects won't recognize them. It will recognize .ffx and .plugin files, but not .aex. I have found out that .aex is for the PC version only and I think this is a very prominent design flaw because most plug-ins are in .aex format.

      Is there any converter for .aex to .plugin? And will this problem be sorted in the next version of After Effects?


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          PC and mac are completely different operating systems with different code requirements. There's no practical way for Adobe to write some kind of translator that will make PC plug-ins run in the Mac OS.

          Some plug-ins are written for Power PC and not for Intel Macs. These also require different code. For plug-ins to work in both Intel Mac and Power PC Macs must be written in Universal Binary. This has nothing to do with Adobe and everything to do with the manufacturers of plug-ins.

          If you're running on an Intel mac and want to use non intel plug-ins you'll have to run AE under Rosetta emulation. You do that by going to the applications folder and selecting Info for the AE app. You'll find a check box for Rosetta. This will make these plug-ins work, but AE won't run as efficiently and may not be as stable.

          Most plug-in installers are aware of the OS and will not install on incompatible systems. In many cases installing a plug-in is more than just dragging the plug-in into the apps plug-in folder.

          If you're copying from another system, one that you don't own, then you're violating licensing and most plug-ins will either run in demo mode with a watermark or will not run at all.

          Hope this helps.