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    How make the "growing line" motion graphic

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      Environment: Production Premium CS3 (Windows)

      I have an example of this type of motion graphic below, it is used quite a lot and usually involves a thick line the grows and moves in various directions. The camera may move with it, It may have an arrowhead. The line may turn, spiral or whatever. The key is that the line appears to be growing in a specific direction, usually at a quick rate. It is often accompanied by thick line stick figures or other things.

      This example is called "Le Grand Content" and is done by Clemens Kogler who says: "the movie was solely done in Adobe After Effects without using any additional 3d-Packages". He may be making some of the pieces with Illustrator and Photoshop.


      There is some information in the about-FAQ.

      I have played around with shape layers and paths a little bit, but don't see how one would do that.

      thanks very much for any ideas,