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    Help !! 16 bpc not real time preview


      Help me guys with this. When I make Ram preview of my seq. I can load it on RAM and amount or 5 or 6 sec.
      But when I do this on 16bpc projects I can't reach a real time preview. Even worst when I do that on a 32bpc project.
      Is there somthing wrong with my configuration or something else??

      My MAC is:

      2 QuadCore 2.8
      16 GB RAM
      3 HDD 500 GB working on RAID.

      My SEQ is:

      Tiff SEQ of HD 1920x1080.
      12 MB per frame.

      Is it possible and correct to work on 8 bits for compositing purposes and do the render at 16 or 32 bpc??
      What I am not understanding is: If my seq is loaded on ram, how could it be possible not to see it in real time ?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          You are using hardware acceleration somewhere, either in the comp viewer or a specific effect. This will fool AE into thinking it can play the stuff in realtime without buffering it to RAM. turn it off and see if it works better. Previewing 16bpc and 32bpc at 8bpc is no good idea. Espacially 32bpc blending will look drastically different and is unpredictable at 8bpc.

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            What do you mean with Hardware acceleration? I am not using anything more than I told you.
            This porblem is just a test over the footage without any effects. Just trying to playback loading it on ram.

            The footage is just imported.

            What should I turn it off ?
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Hardware acceleration = OpenGL. Turn any such option off. In addition, Footage Viewers (check the pref option for accelerating viewers) and MediaCore use your graphics card to display and decode certain formats faster. However, this should not be the case with TIFFs, so the only other thing I can think of is if you work with disk caching. There may be too much file IO delaying the display.

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                As far as I know I can use open GL with multiprocesor enable en AE CS3 on my mac. In fact if I try to turn it on I receive a message that is not supported.

                Yes I am working with disk caching just for test because the machine is new and I am doing test with those values.
                I have change ram maximun to 200% and caching maximun to something like 100 or may be 120 %. O don't remember very well.

                What I really need to be sure that this is something I can solve in my settings or configuration. With this MacPro I have told you in the first message, is it possible to not be able previewing at real time at 16 or 32 bpc?

                Thanks for your help !!
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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                  ^Sorry to be brutal, but your post shows a plethora of problems.

                  Experiment with and without disk caching.

                  Are you using OpenGL or not? If your system reports OpenGL is not supported, why? And what changes if you disable it?

                  200% RAM maximum is a problem in itself. Return to the default values and then experiment with LESSER values, not greater.
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                    OK Andrew you are right.
                    Be brutal !!! It's the story of my life... Problems!!!!!!

                    Trying to have less ones day by day.
                    That's why I am here for your help.

                    I am not used to tweak ram and cachtes values so I may have made mistakes.

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                      Do I really need to work at 32bpc to have lossless output render ? or is it enough to work at 16 bpc with the footage I am recieving ?

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                        Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                        Apologies if my previous response sounded critical - that wasn't the intent.

                        "Lossless" has no relevance to colour depth, as such. If your footage (TIFF sequence) is 8 bit, then you can work in 8 bit and lose no quality. But 16 bit processing would calculate the effects of your work more accurately - the results would look similar to 8 bit, but less banding etc.

                        32bit float, on the other hand, is a whole different way of processing. Because of the way blending interactions are calculated, 32 bit float processing may result in very different results to 8 or 16 bit, depending on what your project contains.

                        Whatever your processing depth, the results are best judged based on the way you plan to output your material. If your goal is simply lossless, 8 bit may be all you need. What is your output medium?
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                          I am not sure that 8 bits is enough.
                          I am working in two projects. One of them is HD Standart. But I have received a tiff seq made at 10 bits. I will deliver it as a tiff seq too to be imported in ON Line process. Could I work at 8 bits ? Or I need to work at 16 bits....
                          As far as I know 32 bits is not necesary here.

                          The second project is for HD SR. I will receive a DPX seq and I will deliver a DPX seq for ON LINE process at HD SR 4:4:4.
                          I am not sure here in which bpc I should work.

                          In the afternoon I tested that if I enable color managment to set HD as color space my previews are even slower.

                          And I read recently in a forum that if I try to see this previews with intensity pro in a broadcast monitor they will never be in real time.
                          I am waiting my black magic intensity the next week

                          Sorry for all this problems. If you can help me to dismiss some of them it would be great.

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                            Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
                            Make sure you reset your Memory preferences to 120% / 60% in AE's preferences.

                            Yes, you can work in 8bpc and then switch the project to 16bpc right before rendering. If you want to render with 32bpc you should work in 32bpc since it looks completely different than 8/16 bpc.

                            You must know if the sources you are receiving include HDR (32bpc) values. If they do, you should work in 32bpc.

                            Sounds like you are trying to swallow a larger bite thatn you can handle. If you don't have any expereince in working with this kind of material, chances are your client will be pretty unhappy with the results. I recommend you get Mark Christiansen's book "After Effects CS3 Studio Techniques" and read every post at
                            i http://prolost.com/

                            - Jonas Hummelstrand