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    Nvidia 8800GT & OpenGL

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      I built a new system 6 weeks ago.
      ASUS P5K-E Wi-Fi
      Intel Q6600 CPU
      nVidia EVGA 8800GT 512MB
      2Gb DDR2 Ram

      All current updates and drivers have been installed.

      I thought I did due diligence by checking the system requirements page.
      Which states "For OpenGL support: Adobe After Effects supported OpenGL 2.0 card (NVIDIA recommended)." The 8800GT does this.

      After Effects can not function properly with two comp views on the screen. The left view will flicker and finally turn black when I zoom in and out. Ultimately it will crash.

      Last night I checked the nVidia support site. It indicated I needed to go the EVGA (nVidia reseller) site for tech support. I called EVGA tech support. An EVGA tech said the problem was with the Adobe software, nothing they can do about it. I just spoke with After Effects Technical Support. They indicated the problem is with the video card, nothing they can do about it.

      I have now searched the forum. Arguably something I should have done to begin with rather that take Adobe at its word. After Effects and the 8800GT is a problem for many people that does not look like its going to be corrected.

      All of this is to say don't expect to use the nVidia 8800GT with After Effects.