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    Keyframing audio to video

      I was just wondering if there was a way to keyfram audio to trigger video transitions. As of now I've been using soundbooth to record the time signatures of ever waveform "spike" indicating a beat or change int he music which will compliment a video transition. I was wondering if there were some expression to do this (other than a costly plugin) in after effects. If this could be automated that'd be much easier...
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Not really. You could certainly derive some info after audio has been converted to keyframes using the respective keyframe assistant, but it will not be as precise (as obviously the conversion works based on the comp framerate, not the actual audio peaks) and the expressions will slow down the overall UI feedback while working (they need to be in a loop and run on every frame). Not sure if that is practical for you. You'd be much better advised spending the 99 bucks for Trapcode's Soundkeys plugin.

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            craulmedia Level 1

            i really respect your knowledge and intention to help people but i wonder how you just can recommend people buying another "1000th" plugin for AE.
            Adobe gave us the option to conform audio to keyframes, and then what? further? the development stops?
            i believe that creating plugins may be a good market for people who are able programming this stuff. that´s ok, let them make money, no prob.

            but i wonder somehehow, especially whenever i´m sitting in front of my "open office" application, about such small things like exporting to PDF without MUST buying a plugin or even Acrobat Pro.

            this makes the huge difference to the open source community, because their thinking is different.

            i do pay a lot of money for software and i´m ok with that, but it´s starting to get cynical whenever you follow requests and reading "wishlists" from years ago and major things still did not have been changed.
            maybe you´ll find my opinions "rubbish", but i wish one day you´ll get to the core of it.

            for me this is just a big "verashung" as germans might say in...
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Sorry Thomas, once more: Complete rubbish. you should not work under the assumption that a core program must provide each and every function for every imaginable workflow on the planet. That is exactly what plugins are for - in AE just as well as in OpenOffice, MS Office, audio editing programs, 3D programs and whatnot. As to which priorities a company should have is very much subject to point of view, however it is easily conceivable that using interactive audio may only present 0.5 percent when expressions themselves only present 3% of the overall market for AE and thus has such a feture has a very low priority for the remaining 97%...

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                bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
                I used to buy lots of AE plugins.
                But since about v3.5 or so, Adobe just keeps giving me more value with each upgrade.
                And, because I've been using AE since it was CoSA, I've adapted ancient practices to present projects. For instance, I'd never trust an audio analysis to determine my effects. I'd want them timed by feel and eye, not by objective peaks in level or predetermined beat structures.

                Your delivery and creative needs are different from mine, of course, but I prefer to make 99% of the animation and transition decisions myself using markers or waveforms to assist. This comes from decades of doing slide shows using 2 to 24 35mm projectors.

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                  craulmedia Level 1
                  at any respect of yor knowledge and work! i´m not interessted what u r saying in this particular case!

                  it may be your workflow! again respect for that!

                  but i can´t hear it anymore!

                  core engines and stuff! pfffhah!

                  today machines are capable of anythigng, eccept the mimic of having a good time with a good friend in a good talk at the lake with a ice cold beer. i´ll do this after a succesfull job with machines they do not talk to me for several weeeks.

                  Mylenium! you can´t follow my thoughts and i´ll give it up!

                  just one thing! imagine having "premiere pro" becoming an editing AND compositing sueite?!

                  timeline? it´s there!
                  FX windows? it´s there!
                  realtime? it`s there (depends)!

                  pack it to one app, and forget the double questions.

                  otherwise? goo ole luck!
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                    Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                    ^ Perhaps you'd prefer Word, Excel and Powerpoint to be one application as well? Personally, I hate bloatware, and prefer my applications to perform one function well, rather than a million functions adequately.
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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                      Thomas, sorry. But you have no clue. You're just throwing around generalized assumptions, a lot of which are based on hearsay and marketing blurb. This is really pointless, even more so as your alleged "today's machines are capable of anything" couldn't be further from the truth. Anyway, before clashing even more let's close this discussion and revisit the matter when you have to provide more constructive proposals founded on properly researched facts.