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    Expanding Effect Parameters

    craulmedia Level 1

      is there a possibility to expand all of the effects parameters in the effect controls window at once. just like when expanding layer all properties or all subfolders with strg+klick(little arrow).


      whenever you switch away from the effect control window the fx parameters always collapse (close) when you come back into the window to tweak parameters. it´s a bit annoying for my opinion.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Nope. You cannot expand all parameters easily in the ECW. The windows should however retain all states once untwirled. They will only snap back to the top of the ECW if the panel is too small toaccomodate all of them and the you have to use the scroll bar to bring them back into view. If you need a specific parameter to be visible all the time, I recommend you add an "empty" expression (Alt+click) that only use the default values and then reveal all parameters using the U shortcut.

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            craulmedia Level 1
            thanks mylenium,

            then i´ll post this into the "wishlist" forum