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    XDCAM EX1 Footage in AE - Black Frames

      Hi there

      I'm currently editing some XDCAM EX1 (HQ1080 50i) footage in Premiere, then shipping the premiere project into After Effects to do some compositing and motion graphics work.

      At present, when I import the project into After Effects, the sequence will occasionaly play with a few black frames interspersed throughout the footage. If I render out the sequence without any after effects work on it (ie. masking, position moves etc), then it renders out without any of those black frames.

      However, whenever I do any sort of work in After Effects, the black frames become permanant, and will appear in my render.

      My render settings are Uncompressed Quicktime - usually I am downscaling the HD Video to an SD Composition and moving around the HD frame.

      Has anyone else had any problems with XDCAM (MP4) footage in After Effects.

      The current work around seems to be importing the footage into After Effects, render it out untouched into a quicktime uncompressed file, then re-import it back into after effects to work on it - this is quite a tasking work around, and not necessarily the best way.

      I have upgraded all my software to the latest versions.

      Please help!