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    DV PAL widescreen changing to stretched 'regular' size screen

      Sorry if the topic title is somewhat confusing I'll explain more clearly here.

      I have uncompressed AVI footage that is PAL DV widescreen.

      Width 720 pixels
      Height 576 pixels

      I take my footage into After effects CS and the footage already looks 'regular size' or pan and scan size I.E Not letterboxed.

      I try a blank render (No effects) and playback the footage, it looks pan and scan. I right click properties and it gives me the aspect ratio for widescreen, but it clearly isn't.

      I've imported it back in to Vegas and it clearly is the wrong ratio.

      Why is after effects doing this?

      I select 'new composition' and make sure it is on the option for PAL DV widescreen 720*576

      Any help would be greatly apreciated.
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          craulmedia Level 1
          in AE there is a pixel aspect correction - a little white box with arrows in the composition window underneath the canvas. toggle this for preview. the quality of the preview changes, its sometimes irritating but don´t care about for render output.

          you can also create a new comp by dragging the clip onto the "creat new comp" beside the folder and trash icon underneath the project window.

          please also check in the output and render module if all setting are correct (no stretching)
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            Checked both, but still no luck.



            The first pic is what it looks like coming out of After effects, the second pic is how it looks in vegas and how it should look in media player etc.

            I can't use the After effects render in a movie as it switches from the top pic to the bottom and back and forth every time I want to do an effect.

            If done as you suggested and even in the info box at the top left where you hilight footage, composition etc, it says W 720 x H 576.

            I've managed to change the ratio in the preview/comp window and it looks how it should, but the final render is the problem now.

            I've checked the rendering options and it says the same there. Still no joy.


            O.K it looks like it might be vegas having the issues. It's screwing my aspect ratio about and fudging around the pixel size and then not doing a correct render out.
            If I have any more problems I'll post back.
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              Vegas is interpreting the footage as 4:3 and not widescreen. There's nothing you can do in the render settings to change that because most codecs don't support a tag for pixel interpretation. If you can't find a widescreen checkbox in the format section of the render queue you won't pass on that info, but don't worry, because the pixels don't change and are not fouled up.

              You'll have to interpret the footage in Vegas as wide screen and everything will be OK. The pixels don't change. Only the way they are displayed changes.
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                craulmedia Level 1
                true. interpret footage in vegas as anamorph - which i believe you can do this (c´mon, its an editing suite ;)

                the fact that it seems you cannot import quicktime movies into vegas is another sad fact. because with those crumpy avi files you´ll never be that flexibel as with mov files.

                why: in use with quicktime pro (30 Bucks)>> load movie >> "strg+j" PC or command+j (on mac) >> visual settings for video tracks >> change aspect to 1024x576 >> hit save and you´re done with the mysterious 16:9 flag.