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    Sound Problems - After Effects 7.0 Pro

      I've used After Effects for a few months, and every time I import a video file, there is no sound.
      I've tried looking for help on the software and the guide book, but I'm very confused.
      It also does not render the sound when I 'make movie' everyone of my videos.
      Is there a setting I can change or something?

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          Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
          Here's the basic trouble-shooting procedure:

          Does the video files have sound when you play them in something like VLC, QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player?

          Do you get a green waveform in the preview in the Project panel?

          Is your Sound preferences inside AE set correctly?

          Apply the "Tone" effect to a layer and do a RAM Preview (numpad-0) and you should hear a tone.

          Check that you have the Sound button enabled in the Time Controls panel to hear the sound when you do a RAM Preview.

          When you render, do you have "Sound" enabled in the Output Module in your Render Queue?

          - Jonas Hummelstrand
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            They have sound when I play them on quicktime or any other player, but after its been rendered through after effects, the sound is not there anymore. (And I've checked my sound system).

            I see a green waveform of any video I import.

            I have no idea is the Sound preferences inside After Effects are set correctly. I know only a little about the program.

            I did check the sound button enabled in the time controls panel, but I have no idea how to use it. I've tinkered with it for at least 2 hours. But I do notice that on the sound bar that measures the sounds does not lightup or anything when I play my video.
            Also, when I play my video on after effects, in the main screen, its always in slow mo. Would that have an effect on it?
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              Nevermind. I figured it out. The sound was off, so I went to edit, templates and then output module and turned the sound on.