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    Can't Import Quicktime files

      Hello Everyone, This is like the 5th forum where I have posted this problem. Nobody knew an awnser to it.

      When I try to import a Quicktime movie Into my After Effects the program Crashes. When I import an .Avi file it works fine.

      This is a link to another forum:

      These are the things that I have tried:
      -Downloaded another Quicktime version (3 times,I'm now on version 7.3)
      -Reinstalled After Effects
      -Installed it on another Disk/Partition
      -Installed VLC media player (Because A good guy told me)
      -Posted it on 5... No, 6 forums ;)

      I hope you guys can help me.

      Thank you very much


      http://www.moviecrew.nl/screens/VLC%20downloaded.jpg (downloaded VLC ;))