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    Caps Lock in Photoshop

      I'm putting this in the AE forum because the AE heads will know what i mean (sorry if this gets up someones nose). Is there any photoshop equivalent to after effects "caps lock" disable preview feature?
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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          No. Except for smart layers, PS rendering occurs whenever an effect is applied. Out of interest, why would you need to disable it?
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            Basically The BGs for this project are HD and some are 1.5 GBs. I was looking for a way to just be able to open the PSD without actually previewing it and then be able to change the document size, delete layers etc... or maybe just solo a layer so I can crop without having to preview the entire file. Some of the files take 10 minutes to open and then if you make a change or even switch a layer off it takes ages to refresh. The BG artists went a bit doolally when they heard we'd be comping in at least 16 bit and MAYBE 32 bit so the files are ridiculously detailed and have a bazillion layers.

            Then of course the director wants a noise over everything which will obscure alot of this fine detail anyway!!?

            Oh Joy