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    Realtime Preview DeckLink HD Extreme

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      I am working on HD project 1080i. I recieve DPX seq 12MB each frame.
      I need to monitor my After effects work in an external monitor. Viewsonic 28" real 1920x1080 pixels.
      Obviously I need real time playback of my RAM previews and searching here I figured it out that the intensity Pro is not powerfull enough to work with such HD project.

      I think that the proper choise would be DECKLINK HD EXTREME.

      Can anyone answer me if this card works fine for previewing my composition window and get real time RAM previews ?

      I have a MacPro 2Quad cores 2.8 with 16 GB RAM. A raid of 3 disks from 500 GB per disk.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Why wouldn't the Intensity do the job? What leads you to believe it "is not powerful enough".

          The HD Extreme offers more i/o options, but if your only goal is HDMI monitor output, the Intensity should work just fine. None of these cards offer acceleration or anything else that boosts performance of AE.
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            I have read several forums where people who has purchase the intensity for doing the same I want to, have told that it did not work properly. I have even read that directors from blackmagic have accepted that the intensity worked fine with SD but not doing well with HD. They just answered that they are working on solving that.