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    Memory handling for big footage, wrong settings, bug?


      I am getting huge time differences in rendering, a full res render takes ca 100 times longer than a half res, where I would normally expect maybe 4 times longer.

      Here's the details:

      I'm making an 30 sec animation in NTSC, the material is high resolution illustrations in .psd format with lots of layers. I parent and animate the layers in after effects, ie no cell animation or sequences.

      A couple of characters with loose limbs and some backgrounds, and the comp is probably a few hundred layers nested within comps etc.

      All this is fine when previewing in half resolution, it takes a little while for the program to load all the layers for every new scene, and then it ticks along good, since it's static illustrations with position and rotation keys.

      Previewing the 30 secs in half res takes a couple of minutes tops. Totally fine.

      But when switching to full res everything goes unbelievably slow. It takes more than 1 hour 30 minutes. The exact same animation that previewed in 1-2 minutes in half res.

      I am using

      AE CS3,
      8-core Mac Pro, Leopard 10.5.3
      10 GB Ram

      Multiprocessor rendering is switched on.

      I see all the AE instances in the Activity Monitor, most of the time they're working on less than 10%.

      So I'm guessing the cache is sufficient for the half res stuff, and for full res it has to load everything for every single frame? Still though, it seems that it's even slower than that. It seems like there's some sort of bottle neck.

      Some good advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, L