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    Light Effect on Text

      I am an amateur to AE, looking to get some guidance. I use AE 6.0. I am trying to create a light effect on the line of text, someones name. I have the name fly in (scale up), and frames later, I would like a streak of light either passing right through the name horizontally or a beam of light quickly moving past each letter creating a sort of wave. Either way, I am looking for a cool effrect that emphasizes the name for seconds or frames. Is there a tool built in AE that I use to create this or do I need a plug in?

      Thanks, Steve
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Certainly you could use a lot of expensive third-party plugins for this, but should not be too difficzult to do using vanilla AE. Try this for some sort of "electrical beam":

          1. Create a solid
          2. Apply fractal Noise
          3. Stretch the Fractal Noise in its Transform properties so it forms horizontal lines/ fibers
          4. animate the Offset Turbulence parameter of the Fractal Noise so it moves from left to right. Also animate Evolution for some "Wobble"
          5. Apply Shift Channel set to Luminance for Alpha
          6. Apply Fill to change the color to whatever you like
          7. Apply Wave Warp or Turbulent Displace. Animate the parameters for motion.
          8. Add Glow.
          9. Pre-compose and add feathered masks to align with text and not cover up everything.

          Use additional blurs and other effects. As an alternative to the Fractal Noise, use the normal Beam effect as a Base or use Lightning/ Advanced Lightning.

          To create wandering Glints/ Highlights, use a second text layer with text animators. By animating each letter's opacity this way and then applying Glow (vertical only) or using a vertical blur you shoudl get the desired effect. Check the help for how to use text animators or study the animation presets.