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    How can I reset the anchor point to its default?

      One of the other guy using my machine screwed up the default anchor point position for text layers & for the life of us, we can't figure out how to reset it back to its default (centered on the text layer).
      Right now, it appears a the bottom of the text layer (bottom left if left justified, bottom right if the text is right justified & bottom center if cerer justified).
      Just to be clear, when typing out a brand new text layer, the anchor point does not appear in the center of the layer, as it normally does. Hitting "reset" in the tranform controls always moves the AP back to this position (ie, if I use the pan-behind tool to put the AP where it needs to be, then hit "reset", the AP moves back to the lower left corner of the layer)
      I'm sure it's got to be some keystroke combination of some kind...
      Anyway, does anyone know how to set it back to its default? It's a pretty big pain to have to manually set the anchor point for every text layer, and I kinda want to leave the "delete-your-prefs" option as a last resort...