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    Quicktime exporting from AFX CS3


      I am trying export a composition with sound, a music video in fact, to an H264 quicktime movie.

      The problem is that when I play back the exported movie, the sound plays faster than the picture. This happens on more than one computer.

      The project settings and the original sound source file are 41000kHz, and I set the export settings also to be 41000 kHz.

      Also, I limited the data rate on the h264 compression to 1200, as specified by the site onto which I want to upload the movie.

      When I bring the exported movie into After Effects and play it with a RAM preview, it plays back correctly ie the sound and the video are in sync.

      This is not the case when I play the file in Quicktime.

      The movie is a music video, so it is particularly important that the sound matches with the visuals.

      If anyone could help me with this I would very much appreciate it.

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          bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
          Can only suggest you spend a few hours researching h.264 specifications.
          Encoding is not a primary function of AE so I'm surprised things haven't quite worked out as planned.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            41000 kHz sounds crooked. H.264 recommended sample rate is 48kHz or higher (to do with the AAC conversion). Have you tried "fusing" the sound and video in Quicktime Pro instead of AE? What profile are you encoding to? The default 3.1 High? also what is the resolution of your piece? Sometimes odd resolutions and ratios cause extreme stream overhead and bump up the data rates massively due to a lot of I-frames being generated to accomodate the "crooked" pixels...