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    Converting AEP-file to SWF?


      I`ve made a animation in After Effects which I want to compress, and I thought it would be a good idea to convert it into a swf-file. However, I`ve encountered some problems with this. After I rendered the aep-file in After Effects into a flv-file, I tried to open it in Flash. I then get asked a series of questions, for excample: "How would you like to deploy your video?" Which option is the best to choose?My aep-file is a combination of animation and sound.

      Also, I`m having problems with the size of the swf-file vs. the size of the flv-file. It seems that no matter what I try to do when I want try to publish the flv-file, the swf-size is constant. Is that so, and if it is, what`s the size of the swf-presentation?

      It would be fantastic if anyone could help me with this:)

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          Create a self-contained SWF player (the 4th and last import option, I believe). Size of the SWF will only be constant if you chosse a streaming player or another method that keeps the content and the actual player construct separate. Those methods will not be of any use, though, if your server is not configured accordingly. It needs to support multi-pipe connections (streaming over http) and/ or provide a dedicated server component for streaming video in other formats. Therefore usually the self-contained method is the only safe one for free or budget hosting sites that do not allow you to configure the (virtual) server yourself or install additional components.

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            Thanks Mylenium:)