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      hi i know i did it once by mistake but can't seem to remember how to do this effect. it happens on the snoop dogg video for sensual seduction at 2:56 all the way until about 3:30. they use it really heavily but i know i did something similar by changing one of the color correction plugins or something i really cannot remember and i tried to find it but couldn't. if anyone can please help me out...here's a link to the video.
      please i need to figure this out A.S.A.P. i posted this earlier and got no replies.
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          Mmh, I'm having a déja-vu... This question sounds familiar. You can easily create the effect by using multiple instances of Radio Waves. You could also manually create it by using Minimax and Simple Chocker to dilate your footage, then fill it with suitable colors. Multiple copies with a slight temporal offset would sufficiently create this kind of color trail....

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            that might work but i know there's a way easier way, i think i maxed out the threshold on a plugin and it gave me that. i just can't remember which plugin it was. it was more controlled on the snoop video it's really excesive but i liked what i got. the question is familiar cuz i posted it like month ago and no one answered me so i reposted