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    Top workstation for After Effects and 3D

      I am considering to buy a workstation with 2 processors, windows XP 64bits, 2x300gb sas HDs on raid 0, 8gb of ram and a Quadro fx1700 video card.
      I want to achieve After Effects with real time preview and short rendering time, plus an intensive use of 3D.
      The two processors will come handy for Lightwave and the fast hd for real time preview in AE.
      Is it worth it?
      Since it is a little expensive.
      should I push more on disk's speed or cpu calculation for AE ?
      Thanks a lot
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          Well, AE is still mostly CPU-centric and RAM-hungry. While fast disks come in handy for stuff like rotoscoping or color corrections, they may not have much impact if you apply a lot of effects and the processing takes longer than loading the fiels from disk or writing them. As usual, it all depends on what kind of work you do, but in general the config is okay, both for Lightwave and AE. The only thing you might consider is getting 16 GB of RAM to max out performance with multiprocessing in AE. Might also help when you push large scenes with displacment or lots of shadow maps in LW or use FPrime, Kray or whatever as your external renderer...

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            Yes, I think that 16gb should be the natural upgrade.
            Radiosity is a real cpu disaster but what a difference.
            With AE I have to do all the tricks from rotoscoping to particles emitters, maybe pre compose would help.
            I work mainly at PAL resolution 720x576 25fps with some jumps on 16:9.

            Great suggestion,