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    Create Steam - PART II

    shooternz Level 6
      Thought I would share (FWIW)in a new topic.

      I was looking in a previous post for way to produce steam in AEFX.

      I did trial TrapCode Particular plugin but ...

      ..I subsequently discovered a great little application from FXHome called Effects Lab Pro


      Do not be put off by what it appears to be...

      This has a simple but professional UI , short learning curve and really does the business.

      I have in the space of a two days: trialled it, learnt it, purchased the full version and produced /created a number of HD Steam FX clips (with alpha) that I can overlay /key frame / time remap etc in both AEFX and PremPro CS3.

      Of course I could composite in the same app but the fact it integrates back to a AEFX or PremPro workflow is a deal maker for me.

      $149 USD is a bargain and saved me a heap of shooting, time and cost. There are real advantages using "particles" over actual steam.

      To quickly bring me up to speed I watched some great tutorials on their site as well. I am sure I will find other uses for the app but meantime...I am well pleased.

      Trick I learnt on the way: applying alpha adjust and alpha noise in PremPro really made the steam fx "fly" perfectly over my food shots but AEFX really "floats the boat" with these clips. eg a 3D layer