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    Switches column too large in timeline panel

      I use french version of AE CS3 and found that the width of the "switches" column in the Timeline Panel is too large.(double size and then timelines are reduced ...)
      The width is forced by the number of character of the french string plus somme spaces in the "Toggle Switches/Modes" button at the bottom bar.
      I found that it's possible to change the french text that appear in the button. To do that I edited the file after_effects_fr.dat in ...\Support Files\zdictionaries ........
      If text changed, width of the "Toggle Switches/Modes" button remains the same and Switches column too.
      Is it a solution to change the width (Number of Characters) of the "Toggle Switches/Modes" button in a UI file ?
      I discovered that the width "Toggle Switches/Modes" button is different between EN interface language and FR interface language.
      At this time I didn't found a specific UI file for FR language ...
      Thanks for the help