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    Swiss French keyboard shortcuts

      I run AE CS3 french version with SwissFrench keyboard. Some shortcuts are not valid due to "dead key" "è¨éà!üäö ...." of that type of keyboard.
      I try to use the very nice script KeyEd Up.jsx but impossible to enter a correct key or correct Unicode for the dead key ........
      Is there a way to solve that problem ?
      Is there a SwissFrench shorcuts file writen by Swiss people or Swiss company that use AE cs3?
      thanks for your help.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          The script itself does not support the extended characters, but you can easily manually add them by editing the shortcut file in a text editor. Just look at the allowed definitions at the beginning of the file and then assign them to whatever keys you like. In addition, try launching AE at least once e.g. in German to generate a specific shortcut file that you may use to copy&paste soem keyboard assignments to your own file. Also look into your generic system configuration. You may be able to revive some keys simply by choosing a different region e.g. Canadian French.