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    OPENGL option grayed out (disabled) (RADOEN HD 3870)

      hello everybody,
      just bought my new q9450 system with the asus ati radeon hd 3780,

      i notice while working (AE CS3, VISTA)
      that my OPENGL is disabled, and i cant enable it!

      i installed hte latest ati drivers, and the latest after effects cs3 update and it still wont work. :(

      does anybody familiar with the problem?

      tnx ahead,
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, the card is rather new, so there certainly is something wrong with the driver or settings. Could you provide some screenshots of the current configuration? Also try to gather OpenGL info by using this tool here:


          and providing the saved XML files for a quick view. You can send everything to my email adress (mylenium ->-at-<- mylenium.de) or provide it on some website.

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            You need the 8.02 patch or you'll never get it to work without some hideously complicated process you won't be able to follow.

            Download 8.02 patch

            I had your same problem with my 2600HD until I did this. Now that it's fixed I can see an actual preview of the final result in real time as opposed to that adaptive junk.

            I'm sure a lot of people went out and bought new 'certified' video cards when they couldn't find answers to this dilemma- don't be one of them. If you can't get the 8.02 update to install, search here for my post which details the easy workaround (avoid the other suggestions you read because they are entirely unnecessary and will have you wasting a lot of time with no guarantee of success).
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              downloaded the update. but i cant istall it.
              because "after effects cs3 updater unable locate the product to be updated"

              is there any solution for this error?
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                Ok here's how to get it to install:

                #1: go here and delete everything in it--> **user>appdata>local>temp>patcher** (this is in Vista...xp users will get there via c:\docs and settings...)

                #2: install the update (it will fail

                #3: go to **user>appdata>local>temp>patcher** again and you will see 2 new folders named PATCHER[some number here; ex: Patcher470]. Look in these for a folder named INSTALLER. Once you find it, double click on:


                Voila- ae cs3 will now update to 8.0.2.

                It's as easy as that.
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                  Followed your exact instruction.

                  Ran the 8mb file. It installed it jus fine.
                  But after effect version was not affected or updated.

                  I downloaded a 57mb file.
                  Should I look for a sa \me size intaller.
                  Well yep I did found something
                  After extractin a data.zip file I found a same name installer. Of about 40mb.
                  But it gave me the same old message.