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    JVC Everio .mod files

      Hi, i've got a JVC Everio and have nothing but troubles.

      it creates .mod files, which i understand are just mpeg files. So i simply change the extension, but when i import them into AE, i get sometimes a few big red pixels, one frame is then all bright red.

      I don't get this when i play it in another player.

      In premiere the files play (red squares still happens), but no sound at all.

      anyone had this problem, any extensions, workarounds?

      Cheers, Dimitri
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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Any form of MPEG file is a poor choice for editing or compositing work. I'd strongly suggest you convert the file to a more appropriate codec: uncompressed, Quicktime Animation, even DV. The software provided with your camera may have a conversion tool included.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            As Andrew said: Use the conversion options in the bundled software. The camera uses MPEG-II transport streams, possibly with long-GOP extensions, which is simply *yuck* for any editing. It needs at least be converted to a proper MPEG-II file with a predictable GOP scheme or even I-frame only so Premiere and AE can make sense of it. If the software CD provides a specific CoDec, you may be able to load the file as an AVI. Will be slow as hog as it relies on Windows' own components, but might at least avoid the artifacting.